Science Committee Chairman Bart Gordon Thanks STEM Ed Coalition

Just before the end of the 111th Congress, we recieved the following letter from House Science and Technology Committee Chairman Bart Gordon:

December 16, 2010

Dear Members of the STEM Education Coalition:

The STEM Education Coalition has been a key partner in our efforts to craft smart federal policy to reach our shared objective of supporting and improving science, technology, engineering and math education.  Because you represent a diverse array of stakeholders, from classroom teachers to major corporations, your input helps Congress understand the full range of issues, challenges, and opportunities in STEM education. I want to thank you in particular for the input you provided to us during the development of the America COMPETES Act.  

Unfortunately, despite our collective efforts, the most recent PISA results are a stark reminder that we are still failing too many of our students.  Our job is not complete just because we continue to produce many of the world’s best scientists and engineers; we must ensure that all students are prepared for the highly-technical, high-paying jobs of the future.  Even though this is an issue that should resonate across the political spectrum, support from such a broad coalition as your own is especially important during these highly-politicized times.  I’ve been honored to work shoulder to shoulder with the STEM Education Coalition during these last few years and I hope you will stay active in the years to come.




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