Twitter STEM Advocacy Toolkit

Twitter Advocacy Tool Kit

Reauthorization of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA)

The STEM Education Coalition is advocating aggressively for a strong STEM focus in the House version of the ESEA reauthorization bill, which could see action in the House Committee on Education and the Workforce as early as next week.  The document contains information and messages for your organization to support the Coalition’s efforts through Twitter and other forms of social media advocacy.

For those of you new to Twitter, here is an intro:

This document has three components: 

  1. Key Messages
  2. Example Tweets
  3. Twitter Handles for Members of the Education and Workforce Committee

Key Messages

Retain Science Testing, Alongside Math and Reading

  • We respectfully disagree with the draft Student Success Act’s removal of the requirement for states to test students in science.   Removing the existing requirement for testing in science while maintaining testing in math and reading sends a powerful, negative, and unambiguous signal to U.S. schools and the public that science – along with all of its related subdiscliplines – is no longer a national priority.  If the requirement for science testing is eliminated, schools will shift their limited resources away from science classes, less time will be devoted to science, and professional development for science educators will suffer.
  • While we appreciate your interest in providing more flexibility to states, if a future version of the ESEA will continue to establish national priorities – as the draft Student Success Act clearly does for reading and math – it is critical that science testing be retained.                 

A Strong Federal Focus on STEM Education is Essential to a Strong U.S. Workforce, Economy

  • The Encouraging Innovation and Effective Teachers Act would eliminate the U.S. Department of Education’s only existing dedicated STEM education-focused program – the Math and Science Partnerships program (Title II, Part B).  While we recognize the bill’s goal of streamlining a myriad of education programs, we disagree with the absence of any strong STEM education focus for Title II grants or any significant linkage between Title II activities and workforce needs. 
  • We support a provision in the bipartisan Harkin-Enzi Senate ESEA draft bill that addresses STEM-specific education needs through a single competitive grant program (Sec. 4103) that would require state applicants to demonstrate that their proposals had robust input from the business community and other workforce stakeholders.  Our Coalition also strongly supports the underlying stand-alone bill (S. 1675) introduced by Sen. Merkley upon which Sec. 4013 is based as a balanced approach of competitive and formula-based funding dedicated to meet the STEM-specific needs of U.S. schools.       
  • The STEM Education Coalition also aggressively supports comprehensive efforts to coordinate, evaluate, and review all federal STEM programs on a regular basis to ensure that effective programs are scaled up and that underperforming programs are improved or eliminated.   

STEM and the Definition of Core Academic Subjects

  • While we appreciate that math and science are included in the Student Success Act’s definition of “core academic subjects,” we feel that this definition is overly narrow and static, excluding many areas of study that are essential to the needs of the economy and workforce.
  • Instead, the broader “STEM subjects” should be listed as a core subject area, with a provision for defining STEM education in a broad and inclusive manner that embraces each STEM discipline and its unique needs.    

Example Tweets

Below are example tweets your organization can send to individual Members of Congress.  A list of Twitter handles is at the bottom of this document.  The key aspects of a good tweet on this are:

  • Targets a specific member of the House Education and Workforce Committee. 
  • Mentions clear support for STEM education as a priority.
  • Mentions @StemEdCoalition, so we can see and rewet them. 
  • You can send multiple tweets to each office and repeat often.

Example tweets:    

  • Dear @[MOC Handle] America’s future depends on STEM education.  Don’t eliminate science testing.  STEM=jobs.  @StemEdCoalition  #STEM
  • Dear @[MOC Handle] Retain Science Testing, Alongside Math and Reading.  America’s future depends on STEM education.  @StemEdCoalition 
  • Dear @[MOC Handle] A Strong Federal Focus on STEM Education is Essential to a Strong U.S. Workforce, Economy @StemEdCoalition
  • Dear @[MOC Handle] STEM is a Core Subject Area.  Accountability matters.  STEM=jobs. @StemEdCoalition #STEM #education 

Twitter Handles for the House Education and Workforce Committee Members

Representative State Party Twitter Handle
John Kline MN R @repjohnkline
Thomas Petri WI R NA
Howard McKeon CA R @BuckMcKeon
Judy Biggert IL R @JudyBiggert
Todd Platts PA R NA
Joe Wilson SC R @CongJoeWilson
Virginia Foxx NC R @virginiafoxx
Bob Goodlatte VA R @RepGoodlatte
Duncan Hunter CA R NA
Phil Roe TN R @DrPhilRoe
Glenn Thompson PA R @CongressmanGT
Tim Walberg MI R @RepWalberg
Scott DesJarlais TN R @DesJarlaisTN04
Richard Hanna NY R @RepRichardHanna
Todd Rokita IN R @ToddRokita
Larry Bucshon IN R @RepLarryBucshon
Trey Gowdy SC R @TGowdySC
Lou Barletta PA R @RepLouBarletta
Kristi Noem SD R @RepKristiNoem
Martha Roby AL R @RepMarthaRoby
Joseph Heck NV R @RepJoeHeck
Dennis Ross FL R @RepDennisRoss
Mike Kelly PA R NA
George Miller CA D NA
Dale Kildee MI D @DaleKildee
Donald Payne NJ D @Payne10thNJ
Robert Andrews NJ D NA
Robert Scott VA D @repbobbyscott
Lynn Woolsey CA D @RepLynnWoolsey
Ruben Hinojosa TX D @USRepRHinojosa
Carolyn McCarthy NY D @RepMcCarthyNY
John Tierney MA D @RepTierney
Dennis Kucinich OH D @Dennis_Kucinich
Rush Holt NJ D @RushHolt
Susan Davis CA D NA
Raul Grijalva AZ D @RepRaulGrijalva
Timothy Bishop NY D @TimBishopNY
Dave Loebsack IA D NA
Mazie Hirono HI D @maziehirono
Jason Altmire PA D @RepJasonAltmire