RSA Conference Joins the Coalition’s Leadership Council


February 20:  It is our pleasure to announce that RSA Conference has joined the Coalition’s Leadership Council.  In addition to hosting cybersecurity conferences throughout the world, RSA Conference brings together over 24,000 people and 300 security vendors in San Francisco every year and they have made a strategic decision to add a significant focus on STEM education to their future programming.   Like many organizations in the tech sector, RSA and their network of cybersecurity companies are dealing with rising demand for workers with strong STEM skills.  And if you are wondering what RSA stands for, it’s the name for the original secure data transmission protocol and is named after the 3 scientists who invented it.  To the tech industry, this term is as common as STEM is to educators.  Alex Bender, General Manager of RSA, will be representing them on the Council.   RSA has also recently issued a challenge to their network of companies to become more engaged in STEM education that they will highlight at their upcoming annual conference.

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