Coalition Responds to Administration’s FY 2015 Budget Proposal

March 5, 2014

Washington, DC:  The STEM Education Coalition issued the following statement in response to the Obama Administration’s Fiscal Year 2015 Budget proposal:

“We are pleased that the President has continued to make investments for STEM education programs a priority for the federal government – especially at a time when budgets at all levels remain very tight.  We are also pleased that the budget request has made a number of meaningful adjustments to previous STEM-related proposals at the Department s ESEA reauthorization proposal to include the existing and proven Math and Science Partnership (Title II.B) program.   The Administration has also made some adjustments to its proposed reorganization of STEM programs across federal agencies, which we will look at closely as further details emerge in individual agency budgets.    We appreciate the opportunity to work with the Administration and Congress on the specifics of those proposals and to address the challenges the United States faces in preparing our students in the critical STEM subjects that will keep our nation strong, prosperous, and secure.

More details on the Fiscal Year 2015 Budget Proposal:

About the Coalition

The STEM Education Coalition is an alliance of more than 500 education, business, and professional organizations from across the country that are united in the goal of promoting policies to improve science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education at every level.  Our Coalition closely follows the development and evolution of policies across the federal government that seek to address the challenges our nation faces in educating the future STEM workforce.  The Coalition is based in Washington, DC.