Coalition Submits Testimony for Senate Innovation Hearing

April 29, 2013

The STEM Education Coalition submitted lengthy written testimony to the Senate Appropriations Committee for its hearing today entitled “Driving Innovation through Federal Investments.”

The Coalition’s testimony emphasized the important federal role in supporting improvements in STEM education pipeline:

“Our nation must expand the capacity and diversity of the STEM workforce pipeline to prepare more students for the best jobs of the future that will keep the U.S. innovative, secure and competitive. Even more importantly, effective policies to promote STEM education as a national priority should be bipartisan and evidence-based and must be backed up by a strong and united community of stakeholders and advocates in the business, professional, research, and education communities.”

An array of federal witnesses from the White House and other science agencies discussed the importance of STEM education in helping prepare future generations of innovators and entrepreneurs.

Presidential Science Advisor Dr. John Holdren:  “President Obama continues to place a high priority on research and development and on science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) education, recognizing that these are critical to providing for the future of the Nation’s economy; the health of the American people; the quality of our environment and the sustainability of the services it provides; and our national and homeland security.”

National Science Foundation Director France Cordova:  “While discovery and innovation underpin our global leadership in science and engineering and consistently provide pathways for entrepreneurs, these activities are also first and foremost human endeavors. Thus, they demand the development of a highly skilled STEM workforce. NSF strives to ensure that students from diverse backgrounds, including women, underrepresented minorities, and persons with disabilities, have sufficient opportunities to engage in empowering learning experiences and inspiring research, no matter their economic circumstances. Sustaining such a world-class workforce is critical.”

The Coalition’s full testimony can be found here.