STEM Education Coalition Releases 2015 Annual Report

The STEM Education Coalition today published it’s Annual Report for 2015. The report highlights the Coalition’s activities, accomplishments, and major media coverage of its work over the past year. Several highlights of the Coalition’s work include:

  • Rallying the support of more than 100 education, business, and industry stakeholders, as well as bipartisan support from House of Representatives and Senate members, to help make STEM education a signature priority in the bipartisan and broadly-supported Every Student Succeeds Act, signed into law to replace the No Child Left Behind Law in December.
  • The Coalition’s efforts to develop and enact the STEM Education Act of 2015 to become a law, which would expand the definition of STEM fields to include computer science and provide for National Science Foundation support of informal STEM education research initiatives.
  • The Coalition’s Policy Forum initiative, which was successfully launched to expand our efforts to provide policymakers and the public with greater sources of information on emerging STEM policy issues.
  • In partnership with the European Commission, the Coalition attended the October 2015 launch of a 15-member European STEM Coalition to advance analogous goals on that continent, marking our Coalition’s first foray into the international arena.
  • We’ve continued to grow, with our Policy Council now at 38 members and our affiliate membership growing to 535 in 2015.

See the full report here.