Coalition Pens Letter to White House on STEM Plan Priorities

On July 31, the STEM Education Coalition, joined by 31 member organizations, sent a letter to the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) to provide suggestions as the office develops the 2023-2028 Federal STEM Strategic Plan.

The comments center on the key challenges in K-12 STEM education (equity, teaching and learning, partnerships, systemic reform, and the role of federal agencies) that should be addressed, and provides six overall recommendations for OSTP to consider:

  • Achieving Equity in STEM Education Must Be a National Priority
  • Science Education Must Be Elevated as a National Priority within a Transdisciplinary Well-Rounded STEM Education
  • Increase the Number of STEM Teachers in Our Nation’s Classrooms
  • Support Partnerships with Community Based STEM Organizations, Out of School Providers And Informal Learning Providers
  • Take a Systemic Approach to Future STEM Education Interventions
  • Clarify and Define the Role of Federal Agencies and OSTP in Supporting STEM Education

Read the full letter below.