Coalition Submits Testimony for Senate Innovation Hearing

April 29, 2013 The STEM Education Coalition submitted lengthy written testimony to the Senate Appropriations Committee for its hearing today entitled “Driving Innovation through Federal Investments.” The Coalition’s testimony emphasized the important federal role in supporting improvements in STEM education pipeline: “Our nation must expand the capacity and diversity of the STEM workforce pipeline to prepare […]

Coalition Issues 2014 Update to Core Policy Principles to Improve STEM Education

April 17, 2014 The STEM Education Coalition today issued a 2014 update to its Core Policy Principles, the document the Coalition uses to guide its public policy agenda.  The Coalition revises its Core Policy Principles every two years and this year’s revision strengthens its policy recommendations in a number of areas, including state-standards, teacher preparation, […]

Coalition Statement on FIRST Act

Washington, DC:  The STEM Education Coalition issued the following statement on the FIRST Act, a bill introduced by the House Science, Space, and Technology Majority.  The bill would reauthorize major portions of the America COMPETES Act.  The Coalition testified before the Committee in November of 2013 on this bill and proposals to better coordinate STEM […]

Exclusive: Coalition Interviews House STEM Ed Caucus Co-Chair Rep. Richard Hanna

January 29, 2014 Washington, DC–  The STEM Education Coalition recently interviewed Rep. Richard Hanna (R-NY), who serves as the Co-Chair of the House STEM Education Caucus, a bipartisan group of more than 100 lawmakers that work together to insure House members are well-educated on STEM education issues.  The Coalition has worked closely with Rep. Hanna and his legislative […]