Learn About STEM Policy Issues

December 2006-January 2007: The National Science Teachers Association’s Gerry F. Wheeler, Educational Leadership, Strategies for Science Education Reform

2006: Project Kaleidoscope, Report on Reports II, Transforming America’s Scientific and Technological Infrastructure Recommendations for Urgent Action

2006: Reality Check, A Public Agenda Initiative to Build Momentum for Improving American Schools

2006: Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA): Science Competencies for Tomorrow’s World Volume 1: Analysis & Volume 2: Data

Dec. 6, 2006: The Center for the Future of Teaching and Learning, California ’s Teaching Force 2006: Key Issues and Trends

November 2006: A Policy Statement of the Council of Chief State School Officers, Mathematics and Science Education Task Force Report and Recommendations

December 6, 2006: The American Council on Education: Poll Reveals Gap Between Public and Policy-Makers on U.S. Competitiveness and Math and Science Education

October 2006: What Works Best in Science & Mathematics Education, A Report on the National Science Foundation’s Urban Systemic Program

October 2006: What the Data Tell Us About Shortages of Mathematics and Science Teachers

June 2006-October 2006: Council of Chief State School Officers Mathematics and Science Education Task Force Report and Recommendations

May, 2006: National Assessment of Educational Progress In Science: 2005 “Nation’s Report Card”

February 2006: Are We Losing Our Edge? By Michael D. Lemonick

February 2006: National Science Board, America ‘s Pressing Challenge — Building a Stronger Foundation

2005: Systems for State Science Assessment, Mark R. Wilson and Meryl W. Bertenthal, Editors, Committee on Test Design for K-12 Science Achievement, National Research Council

2005: A Commitment to America ’s Future: Responding to the Crisis in Mathematics and Science Education

2005: State Indicators of Science and Mathematics Education, The Council of Chief State School Officers

October 12, 2005: National Academy of Sciences: Rising Above the Gathering Storm